BERLIN FUNK (2008) A simple basement recording from the legendary old RKO studio on Weserstrasse in Berlin. Energetic and raw. Watch a Video how we sounded here… Unfortunately, the physical recordings are sold out.
WIR WOLLEN KEINE PARTY (2010) The first well-sounding production in a beautiful digipack. Only a few real CDs are still available.
KEINE ANGST (2012) Experiments, thoughts, influences - a special album with a great cover illustration by Olli Voges. There are still a few real CDs left.
WIR RETTEN BERLIN (2014) Influenced by countless experiences as a street band, recorded live in a legendary recording session in Berlin, which you can also watch on YouTube.
AB DAFÜR (2015) A little nobility of the bands from the eighties that we found very cool. As always, very groovy and without taking part in the growing loudness war.
CHECK MAL DEINE WERTE (2018) Our first album that we also released on vinyl. There are still remaining stocks of the black gold, with lyrics on the inside cover! We made it to ZDF Morgenmagazin with this thing.
KEIN SCHERZ (2020) Shortly before the world suspiciously went into online-offline mode without question and two colleagues left us overwhelmed, we produced this detailed album in Rupert's rooftop studio. Because the release party was canceled, there is an online video about it on YouTube. There are still CDs!
MUSIK KANN LEBEN RETTEN (SINGLE/MAXI) (2021) During the height of the questionable pandemic, Conny and Andi produced this catchy pop track to save lives. Only available online.
OPERATION LOCKDOWN (2022) 2022 was marked by a wonderful time with LEO, who currently accompanied us as a frontman and rocked many live stages with us. Only available online. RBB TV filmed us one day with that.
283 KILOMETER (2024) Hamburg and Berlin are 283 kilometers apart. The wonderful reunion with Hamburgers Daniel Mannel and Olli Voges resulted in an extraordinary album; the Berlin recordings were part of drummer Andi's audio engineer diploma thesis.
We are working hard to be able to offer you all of our releases on all platforms. We prefer this ones, regardless of the fact that we generally classify the music industry as criminal anyway,